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Board of Directors

Sagarsoft Management Team comprises technology and business visionaries propelling the company toward growth and success. Entrepreneurial and hands-on, they are knowledgeable and experienced on all fronts. Add to that a flexible delivery structure, which enables nimble response in a dynamic business and technological environment.

Shri S. Sreekanth Reddy
Chairman - Non-Executive Director

As the chairman and non-executive director of Sagarsoft, Sreekanth brings in invaluable experience in technocracy and entrepreneurship. He is associated with Sagarsoft for over 27 years. He is an Engineering Graduate with PG Diploma in Cement Technology, and has vast experience in engineering and information technology transformations that deliver accelerated business impact. He oversees the board of directors and provides critical strategic insights to the executive team.

Jagadeesh Manupati
Managing Director

He is responsible for the entire operations of Sagarsoft (India) Limited. As its Chief Architect for over 2 decades, he created a culture of innovation, operational fluidity and customer delight. He possesses an amazing talent for integrating the best minds to deliver as one great team. He has been one of the pillars of the company, ushering in an era of sustained growth.

K Pradeep Kumar Reddy
Executive Director & CFO

Pradeep wears dual hats of CFO and Chief Growth Officer. In the latter role, he is responsible for Alliances, Strategic Customer Engagements, Value Propositions, and Capability development. With a background in Technology and Business Management, he’s always focused on ensuring that Sagarsoft remains a differentiated value creator even as technology keeps evolving rapidly.

Shri K. Satish Chander Reddy
Non-Executive Director

Satish is the Non-Executive director of Sagarsoft. He is associated with Sagarsoft for over 21 years. He is an Engineering Graduate and has vast experience in Information Technology. His deep understanding of the industry and market trends has been instrumental in shaping Sagarsoft's growth and success over the years.

Shri N. Hari Mohan
Independent Director

Hari Mohan has been associated with Sagarsoft for over 17 years. His deep expertise in Business & Industry, Governance & Compliance has been critical to Sagarsoft's success, helping the company navigate complex business challenges and build a strong foundation.

Shri Kondrella Roopesh
Non-Executive Director

With over 20 years of experience, Roopesh is an expert in running software services and solutions development companies. He is an expert in sales, marketing, business development, and building market attractive competencies - offerings in software consulting. He is the president of the wholly owned subsidiary of Sagarsoft- IT CATS LLC, USA.

Smt. Keerthi Anantha
Independent Director

Smt. Keerthi Anantha brings over 18 years of professional experience as a lawyer. She specializes in corporate law, real estate, and private client matters. Since joining the company in 2021, she has been an invaluable addition to the board of directors, providing legal expertise and guidance on various matters.

Smt. Neelima Kaushik
Independent Director

Neelima is an experienced HR professional and a thought leader in Governance & Compliance. She has been associated with Sagarsoft for 7 years, providing impartial and objective advice and ensuring that Sagarsoft operates in the best interests of all stakeholders.

Shri. V. Venkat Ramana
Independent Director

An accomplished Independent Director with over 26 years of expertise in business, governance, compliance, and financial domains. His passion to excellence and innovative leadership fuel significant contribution to Sagarsoft.

Shri K. V. Ramananda Rao
Independent Director

In his 26 years of experience, K.V. was involved in several private equity and structured debt transactions and funding transactions, inbound and outbound M&A transactions across multi-cultural, multi-regulatory environments. He also has significant capital market experience, having handled several IPOs and rights issues, open offers, and buyback offers.